"Local Personalities"

Kim Bucio

by Maggie Van Ostrand

Kim Bucio recently opened Pine Mountain Club's newest restaurant, Sage & Cinnamon,. "I learned a lot about this business from working at a bed & breakfast in Santa Barbara" said Kim. Before that, she was receptionist at Bayshore Chevy, where she met future husband, Marco Bucio (pronounced "Boo-sio"), then their Service Manager.

Kim and Marco left the beaches for the mountains, partly due to rising real estate prices and partly because her parents had a home here.

Kim is the daughter of Reverend and Mrs. Edward Sogge, who came to California from Minnesota. Reverend Sogge had a church in Santa Barbara for twenty-five years and now has a Home Mission Church in Pine Mountain Club.

Luckily for food lovers, Kim's hobbies of cooking and interior design now have a local outlet in her restaurant. Cooking has been a family occupation for years, starting with her grandmother, who made and sold the thin Norwegian potato pancakes called Lefse. Kim and Marco have two sons, Jonathan, 9, and Mark, almost 14 and soon to start Frazier Mountain High.

The restaurant is a real family affair. Mom, Pat Sogge, can be found bustling about the restaurant's kitchen, checking everything twice and looking more like Kim's sister than her mother. Son, Mark, sometimes helps out by being the dishwasher. Husband, Marco, occasionally acts as Maitre 'd. In fact, each family member contributed in some fashion to the graceful ambiance, except for the fresh flowers on each table. Those were created by someone even higher up than the owners.

Anyone over 40 will appreciate the fact that Reverend Sogge is also an electrical contractor, since dinner guests benefit from the soft lighting. Beautiful sconces and beaded table lamps, all of which contain candles, were selected by Kim while on a shopping-for-lights spree with her Mom.

Kim discovered a new type of double paint roller which gives the same overall effect as sponging, so the restaurant walls have a charming antique look.

Due to the restaurant's reputation for fine cooking already spreading throughout the area, reservations are recommended (242-1978). Of equal importance would be the cancellation of those reservations if you can't make it, so someone else can get that table.

As television pioneer Mark Goodson said of Wolfgang Puck when he opened the original Spago, "No matter how great the food, the test of a great restaurant is how they make you feel when you walk in." Sage & Cinnamon, then, is a great restaurant.

It's important that we support local businesses, old and new. Community is what it's all about up here. It better be; we're all we've got. With Kim's strong church and family affiliations, and her creativity and love of beauty, she's a fine example of the good life here on the Mountain.

Reprinted by permisson of Maggie Van Ostrand

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