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Scott Rosen

by Maggie Van Ostrand

Scott Rosen

Scott and Barbara Rosen

It doesn't matter whether you have a computer and use Scott Rosen's ISP, frazmtn.com. It doesn't matter if you have a horse and know Scott's quarterhorses, Uno and Woody (Woody belongs to his daughter). Doesn't even matter whether you live in Frazier Park, Pine Mountain Club, Lebec, Pinon Pines or Lockwood Valley, you probably still know Scott Rosen. Why?

Because, like blue skies, Scott Rosen is everywhere, including cyberspace.

Scott and his wife, Barbara, were introduced by well-meaning mutual friends in 1984, as a "last resort." The friends thought they wouldn't really like each other, partly due to their different faiths. In this case, the friends were wrong.

Scott Rosen

Valerie and her horse Woody, July 2004

Scott and Barbara have been happily married since 1985. Their 13-year-old daughter, Valerie, attends El Tejon Jr. High and will ultimately go to Frazier Mountain High. Valerie loves dancing and horses, so she'll fit right in with the Donkey Basketball games at FMHS, which Scott and Barbara sponsor.

It's possible that they have a long-lasting marriage because Scott's favorite food is Sushi, making Barbara's cooking chores a lot easier, except of course the time they ate rattlesnake, but that's another story.

Scott's habit of playing both classical and folk music on his guitar, is a mixed blessing -- he doesn't like to hear himself play, he just likes to do it.

The Rosens came to Pine Mountain Club about 15 years ago. Unhappy with the banking industry they both worked in, Scott began a multiple listing service in 1991, serving local realtors on the Hill. In 1995, when he realized that many people on the Hill could only connect to the internet by dialing long distance, he began an internet service.

The business expanded from there, the Rosens no longer had to commute to downtown Los Angeles, and our local ISP was born.

The Rosens believe in giving back to the community on both a professional and personal level, and support more worthy organizations than can be named in any one newspaper. In addition to sponsoring Donkey Basketball, (for Frazier Mountain High's Booster Club) Scott donates valuable time, money and internet services to other local wildlife like the Lions Club.

Time and services are also donated to El Tejon Jr. High's Band, both Frazier Mountain and Central Mountain Little Leagues and football teams, Oktoberfest, AYSO Soccer, Lilac Festival and, well, you name it -- we're running out of space.

If you're really curious though, check out the full list on the internet at http://www.frazmtn.com/fmisandthecommunity.htm, that is, assuming you have a computer.

If you do have a computer, you probably use frazmtn.com on your email address, or avail yourself of the mountain of information on http://www.frazmtn.com/, from current weather photos of the area, to "links to help you navigate the world." If anybody needs help in navigating the world, it's mountain folk.

Here's an example of the sense of humor necessary to run a business like his -- Scott once had a customer who called to complain about a "weird problem" with his computer. Scott said it sounded like a problem with the keyboard. The customer called again the next day with the same complaint and they spent a lot of time verbally dissecting every possible problem, after which Scott said, "I still think it's your keyboard." Finally, the customer admitted, "Do you think it's because I spilled a glass of wine on the keyboard?" Ya think?

Besides the two horses, Scott believes in other Big Pets. Visitors to his home are waggingly met by a 10-year-old Newfoundland named Niki, who says she's just a giant black dog, but check this photograph out: http://www.newfdogclub.org/Main_Sub_Pages/ws01_gen_info_main.htm and tell me "Newfies" aren't really bears in disguise. Whether Niki is really Canis familiaris (dog) or secretly is an Ursus americanus (bear), her huge, beautiful, and friendly face is a joy to behold. If Niki weren't so busy watching over Scott's place, she'd be a perfect airport security guard at LAX.

When asked his secret of a happy marriage, Scott advises "Never go to bed angry with each other." He said people can "fight over little things and go off the deep end." Words to sleep by.

As to advice for entrepreneurs, Scott says there are only a few important things to remember:
1. Focus on providing high quality service at a reasonable price.
2. Recognize that the business you create should serve the majority of customers.
3. Give back to the community.

This family, some members of which walk on two legs and some on four, is a fine example of personal and professional success.

Without Scott, if we wanted to be in cyberspace, we'd all have to go back to using smoke signals.

Reprinted by permisson of Maggie Van Ostrand

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